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How You Catch Spyware and Ask For Trouble

Situation for an average computer user cannot get worse when spyware market themselves as anti spyware removal programs and you gullibly install them, breathing respite, only to find later than your PC and with it your data have been hijacked.

Welcome to the bad world of Spyware, where even James Bond would feel a little outdated!

A New spyware everyday

Every day, malicious programmers work on finding the loop holes in operating systems and anti-spyware programs look to exploit it. There are many such spyware programs that don’t even let the anti spyware removal tools to work. Once you get infected, spyware won’t even let the anti spyware programs get installed.

To avoid catching these spyware, it is best you read all the fine prints before you install any third party program.

Let’s face it! We don’t like reading those long and boring ‘terms and conditions’ at the time of installing applications. What we don’t realize is that by saying ‘Yes’ to those conditions, you might sponsor your own destruction. You might give Legal permission to the spyware to function and send your browsing history or such data to the programmers.

Nothing Comes Free, Not Even Those Smiling Smileys

It would be really rare if you have not come across these free smiley applications. While they look all cute and nice, there are high risks involved with such programs. More often than not, you would find their .exe file install more software than just the smiley one.

Try to not fall in such a honey trap. If you want to have a smiley program, try reliable sites than installing it from just any site.

Same holds true for signing up for free newsletters and feeds. Double check the conditions that you click ‘Yes’ for. Do not proceed if you find even a single condition suspicious.

However if you find it’s too late now and your PC has already got infected, Anti Spyware Removal tools can be of great help and you can find them in plenty online.